Carrie Morse

CRM/Data Lead/HR Specialist

Carrie is based outside of Tulsa, OK. In 2015, she relocated from Austin, TX to support her husband’s career in the Healthcare and Supply Chain industry. Carrie joined Cronan & Associates in the Spring of 2017 and is working in a CRM/Data Lead/HR Specialist for the Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas markets.


Credentials: Carrie has spent her career working in the finance industry, in consumer and commercial underwriting. Since 2008 she has been helping small businesses obtain funding for their start-up and equipment needs. Her past employers and coworkers describe Carrie as “thorough, diligent, and meticulously detail-oriented with a work ethic second-to-none, and she is always willing to learn and adapt.” Carrie is known for being a team player and is self-motivated. For these reasons and much more, we are excited to have Carrie on our Cronan team!




 Email Control, Meeting deadlines, Super Supporter

Favorite Color

 Pink, White, Turquoise

Eye Color in Superhero Form


Super Suit Would be Incomplete Without:

Sweater to keep me warm and crossbody tote