Malee Lynn

Sales Representative/A&D - Dallas/Fort Worth

Malee is our A&D rep in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. She also calls on key dealers in that market. Malee goes above and beyond for the A&D firms and dealers that she calls on. She is also a great team player and is always willing to support our other reps. She has a great unassuming attitude matched with an impressive work ethic! She was awarded our 2012 and 2014 Overall Rep of the Year and is a member of our Leadership Team!

Credentials: Malee has called on the design community in Dallas/Fort Worth for over 25 years. She is a LEED AP and received her BFA in Interior Design from The University of Kansas. Malee previously worked for Brayton/Coalesse (a division of Steelcase) for 10 years. Prior to that Malee worked for a local independent rep group for several years and prior to that, for a local Herman Miller dealer for three years.



Organized, reliable, thorough & quick to respond

Favorite Color

Hot pink

Eye Color in Superhero Form


Super Suit Would be Incomplete Without:

Black pants & a Pony tail