Malee Lynn

Sales Representative/A&D - Dallas/Fort Worth

Malee is our A&D rep in Dallas/Fort Worth market. She also calls on key dealers in that market. Malee goes above and beyond for the A&D firms and dealers that she calls on. She is also a great team player and is always willing to support our other reps. Malee calls on a broad mix of architect and design firms with the various lines in the Cronan & Associates package. She has a great unassuming attitude matched with an impressive work ethic! She was awarded our 2012 all around rep of the year!
Credentials: Malee has called on the design community in Dallas/Fort Worth for over 20 years. She received her BA in Interior Design from The University of Kansas. Malee previously worked for Brayton (a division of of Steelcase) for 10 years. Prior to that Malee worked for a local independent rep group for several years, then, prior to that, for a local Herman Miller dealer for three years.



Organized, reliable, thorough & quick to respond

Favorite Color

Hot pink

Eye Color in Superhero Form


Super Suit Would be Incomplete Without:

Black pants & a Pony tail