Scott Stebbins

Federal Government Specialist

Scott is new to the commercial furniture industry joining the Cronan and Associates team as our Federal Government Specialist in October of 2018. Scott has extensive knowledge of government contracts working in the Department of Defense sector.  Scott is based in Texas and covers Federal contracts in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Scott calls on various government entities to include military bases throughout his territory. Scott is passionate about helping military customers being a veteran of 23 years himself. Scott has a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters and one amazing son in law.


Credentials: Scott is a retired Marine Corps LtCol. with 23 years of service as a pilot. After retiring from the military he has worked with various Department of Defense companies for over 6 years and 4 years as Logistics coordinator for an oil and gas company.



Navigating through everything government related

Favorite Color


Eye Color in Superhero Form

Dazzling Blue

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Military Identification card