Sean Cronan


Sean is a co-founder of Cronan & Associates. He is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with the best sales team in the industry! Sean leads the sales efforts of a phenomenal 17 member team and travels C&A’s 5 state territory with each of our reps, calling on dealers, A&D firms and end-users. Sean also has direct responsibility for certain dealer accounts in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Arkansas.


Credentials: Sean has 25 years of industry experience (5 years as a dealer 20 years as a rep). Sean began his career on the dealer side of the business, and after 5 years, moved on to become a manufacturers rep. Sean began his career in 1987 (during college), forming a company called, Ergo-Concepts, an Austin, TX-based dealer of ergonomic seating. During that time frame, Sean then partnered with a San Antonio-based Herman Miller dealer to sell their lines in the Austin market. After graduating from The University of Texas (Business Management), Sean moved to the Dallas-area, and became a partner in Cronan-Stinson Associates. He and his wife Lisa, then formed Cronan & Associates in 2000. Sean is also well versed in Giza Studio, 20-20 Worksheet and Visual Impression.



Finding unique solutions and increasing dealer margins

Favorite Color


Eye Color in Superhero Form


Super Suit Would be Incomplete Without:

a demo chair, monitor arm, desktop power unit, and an iPad