Tasha Kiessling

Sales Representative - Austin

Tasha relocated from Southern CA a few years ago. She calls on dealers, A&D and end-users from as north as Waco, through Austin and San Marcos. Tasha came from the dealer side of the industry, but has quickly adjusted to becoming a rep.  Tasha has become known for her prompt response and great ideas in utilizing our lines for various applications.  Tasha has a son, Cade, and they live in Cedar Park. 

Credentials: Tasha started her career with a Knoll dealer in Southern California, before moving to Austin to go to work for SKG.  Her years in the dealer side of the business rally help her in understanding the issues that a dealer faces when working a project.  Tasha has been a great addition to the Cronan Team!




Hyper-organization & lightning fast response time

Favorite Color


Eye Color in Superhero Form

Energizing Green

Super Suit Would be Incomplete Without:

Heels & statement earrings!